Terry Arnold holds a Doctorate in theology and a Masters degree in Arts and Biblical Studies as well as diplomas in Bible and Ministry Studies and a diploma in teaching. He was formerly the founder and the president of Pacific Bible College in Australia.

Terry pastored the Hervey Bay Bible Church for many years as well as being involved in a ministry of preaching/teaching and conducting seminars in a wide range of churches and colleges in Australia and overseas.

He is the author of several books and papers and is also the editor of a growing worldwide bi-monthly free publication ‘Diakrisis (Australia)’ (www.taministries.net). This ministry has a mission of teaching, informing and equipping the church.

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‘Bring The Gospel Back!’

  ‘Bring The Gospel Back!’ is a passionate and urgent call for churches to come back to the true Gospel and preach it accurately. A sample of the foreword by our co-editor (Mike Claydon) follows:
‘For far too long mainline Churches have employed social and political gospel messages which bear no likeness to the true Biblical Gospel of faith and repentance. Worse though, is the heresy of decisional regeneration in modern evangelistic endeavours by both denominational and conservative churches. Millions of hearers have been taught that we must play a part in the process of Christian conversion for it to be effectual and permanent.
In this, his latest publication, teaching pastor Terry Arnold clearly and concisely lays out the case against today’s gospel preaching methods. This he does biblically, and on the way reveals the true and salvific Gospel, and how it should be preached and fully and correctly understood…This book offers great insights into a Gospel that desperately needs to be ‘brought back’ to life…’

  This book will challenge even many conservative churches as to what has been added to the content, the delivery, and the response to, the message of salvation.
  The book is available now for $15.90 (postage included).

‘Free Will or Free Agency? – Killing Sacred Cows’

   The content in this book will shock many Christians who today are simply unaware of the history of, and what the Bible does or does not say about, the doctrine of ‘Free will’. What is orthodox has been lost and a new modern gospel has been brought in.
   Does man have complete freedom of his will? Where did the term ‘free will’ originate? Is it in the Bible? How did evangelists of old use the term ‘free will’? Why did many of them use another term, ‘free agency’? What is the difference? What can man do and what can he not do with his will toward his salvation?
   The book tests the terms ‘free will’ and ‘free agency’ with scripture and the testimony of historic orthodoxy from church leaders century by century (Charles Spurgeon is given special mention).
The importance of this issue cannot be understated as it greatly affects the Gospel and salvation by grace!
   The book is available now for $9.90 (postage included).

To Catholics Whom I Love

      ‘To Catholics Whom I Love’ was first written by Terry Arnold in 1989. The book went through several re-prints and served initially as a fruitful outreach to Roman Catholics. ‘To Catholics Whom I Love’ is a detailed but concise look at the teachings of the Roman Catholic religion as tested by the words of the Bible. Through the writers personal testimony and research, this book gives a unique contrast of the Catholic faith with the Word of God.
This book is essential reading for Catholics who have an interest in what the Word of God says in comparison with official Roman Catholic teaching. It will also serve as a teaching guide to those Christians wanting to understand, and minister to, Catholics.


 ‘Foundations For Evangelism‘. 

  Foundations For Evangelism is a critique of modern evangelism doctrine and methods. The Parable of the Sower is expounded and answers are given to much of today’s evangelism, which is producing the huge ‘fall away’ rates. The author believes Matt.7:21-23 shows ‘the greatest deception’
that needs to be addressed.

     There is much teaching in this book on how to prepare a heart to receive the Gospel. The book is full of timeless quotes not seen in many books today. The appendixes alone are worthy of having as reference material – such as ‘Evangelism to the Cults’; ‘Mind Control’; ‘The Alpha Course’; ‘Charles Finney’… and more. This 157 page book could be excellent as a reference book or for Bible studies.


‘Tongues & The Baptism With The Spirit’

   ‘Tongues & the Baptism With the Spirit’ offers a detailed but concise look at an issue that has so often divided Christians since the beginning of the 20th Century.
   This book will cause many to think about what they believe and why. It is written by one who ‘spoke in tongues’ and understands the language and the teaching of the tongues movement firsthand.
   What are ‘tongues’? Where did they begin? What are known tongues and what is the unknown tongue? What does the Bible really say about tongues?  What is the ‘Baptism With the Spirit’ and how was it historically and originally taught?
  This book provides an exegesis of the well known passages in the New Testament. It will serve as a valuable reference tool for all Christians. The book offers keys to simply understanding the issue of tongues. It will also serve as a teaching guide for pastors and students who seek truth.


 ‘Calvinism & Arminianism – Out of the Maze 

Book Calvanism & Arminiansim  After years of teaching on grace and salvation issues, Terry Arnold writes: ‘There is no theological matter that I know of which has been so shockingly misrepresented, bastardised and mutilated as has this issue! I have regularly been shocked as to how little Christians understand the terms ‘Arminianism’, ‘Calvinism’ and ‘hyper-Calvinism’ and what they really mean. Some of the public articles and papers I have read on this issue show an extraordinary lack of research or understanding – some by prominent pastors and under-shepherds who surely will be held accountable for misrepresentation and of misleading the sheep. Many have never honestly looked at the other side of this debate to find out what the other party actually believes!…’

    This book is an analysis of the hotly debated topic of salvation and grace. What is biblical? What about predestination and election? What is ‘fair’? This subject is laid bare with easy to read biblical expositions, refutations and answers to all the questions and arguments.

   The book is unique in that it presents numerous quotes by Charles Spurgeon on this topic and is a valuable resource for Spurgeon’s doctrine on the sovereignty of God in salvation.
Some of the issues addressed are: How does man come to God? Does God choose man or does man choose God, or is it a little of both? Does unsaved man have any power within himself to choose Christ? Or is he totally unable to do so? What about ‘free will’? What is ‘free agency’? What is the difference? Does God only save the ones He chooses? Did He predetermine who would be saved before the foundation of the world?…If so, is that ‘fair’? Does God elect people to salvation and ‘damn the rest to Hell’? Is the blood of Jesus capable of saving every human being? Why are not all saved? What about the Amazonian Indians and many other people groups who for thousands of years never heard of the gospel or of Jesus?…can they be saved by any other way except by receiving the good news of Jesus Christ?…What is ‘fair ’ here? What did the great teachers and evangelists down through the centuries teach concerning these issues? What did the church originally believe and what other views came along throughout history?…and more.

‘Eternal Questions’

  ‘Eternal Questions’ is a pocket size tract which has been successfully used by evangelists around Australia. The tract answers questions that will affect our eternity. Does God exist? What is God like? Can he communicate with us? Where do we go when we die? Why is the world in such a mess? Why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people? What went wrong with the human race? This tract carefully works from God to Jesus and the Gospel. It is a must for unsaved people but also a discipleship tool for Christians to check what they understand of the Gospel itself. It is a presentation of the Gospel with content as used by many great evangelists down the centuries.


‘Finding The Balance’

  ‘Finding the Balance’ is an early book written in 1996 at the height of many excesses occurring in the Charismatic movement, including the ‘Toronto Blessing’. The book offers a concise look at teachings that so often divide Christians. Many controversial subjects including ‘Tongues’, ‘Slaying in the spirit’ and the ‘Toronto Blessing’ (1994/95) are discussed in detail with a look at both sides of various arguments. Although some of the movements are long gone, the principles of the critiques still stand in regard to scripture.

    The church today is being invaded by false teachings, extremes and excesses. Many are teaching that a world wide revival is near. Some teach that apostasy or a great ‘falling away’ is just as close. Can we find unity and what is such unity based on? The author brings a timely warning to all who will listen, and aims to lead the reader away from excesses and extremes and to a truthful balance.
(This book is free on request with any order made)


‘The Toronto Blessing – a Critique’

  In 1994-5 the phenomenon called the ‘Toronto Blessing’ swept through many churches around the word. This ‘laughing revival’ with its strange manifestations took many by surprise. The ‘Toronto Blessing – a Critique’ is a concise look at the historical roots and the scriptural implications of this movement.
(This book is free on request with any order made)


You can now download Terry’s new booklet entitled ‘Women in the Ministry‘.

This is a scriptural response to a paper on women in ministry. The common arguments are exposed in the light of scripture. This is a timely response to the increasingly confusing views we find on this issue. What does the Bible really say about women in ministry?

Read it here.

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