Modern western evangelism has a ‘fall away’ rate of over 80%. This is one of the greatest deception of our times.

Evangelism – Puritan or Modern v2.5
Evangelism – Puritan or Modern Printable Booklet v2.5

Evangelism – Puritan or Modern? Two distinct types of evangelism have evolved in church history – the Puritan type and the Modern type. Arguably most Christians today only know the latter form.

The Greatest Deception v2.5
The Great Deception Printable Booklet v2.5

This article is considerd by Terry Arnold to be one of the most important articles he has ever written. False conversions in the form of ‘decisions’ are rampant within the modern church. Today there is an increasing number of people who have publicly made ‘commitments to Christ’ in times past, but now no longer fellowship with ‘believers’. They are often referred to as ‘backslidden’ or ‘carnal’. The issue has to do with what the Gospel is and how we present it.

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