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Topics: The Two Faces of Roman Catholicism P.2;  ‘Trashed – Unread’?;  Man’s Problem – God’s Solution! P.3; Howard-Browne’s Failed Dream; Neo-Pentecostalism; Baptist Union; Tony Campolo; The Extent of the ‘Toronto Blessing’; Images; Billy Graham & J.F. Kennedy; C.S. Lewis? P.5,6 – The Healing of Jean Neil- ‘Something to Shout About’?


Topics: Manifestations In History; The Gospel P.3 – Music As A Means Of Evangelism?; Joyce Meyer P.4 – On Air Channel 30; Quotable? -Benny Hinn; Uniting Church – Gay & Lesbians; Nostradamus – False Prophet; Gender Neutral Translations; Uniting Church/Catholic -Marriage Agreement; Vatican Pressure; Youth Services; Youth Alive;An Alarming Statement; P.5,6 – The Forerunners of Pentecostalism P.7 – By their fruits you will know them


Topics: Fellowship, Separation & Sectarianism P.3 – The New Age Movement & Alternate Therapies; ‘Earthquake Prophets’ Claim Miracle Gold Fillings and Raise Over $100,000 P.4 – From Psychology to Christ; Sydney’s Women Baptist Accreditation; Holiness; Pope Says Muslims Worship Same God; Benny Hinn PNG Crusade; March For Jesus;. Psychology; Billy Graham’s Heaven; Disney’s ‘Lion King’; Jesus the Only Way? P.5 – Tongues Tapes; The Sovereignty of God; The Historic Slide of Sola Fide; P.6 – ‘Christianity Today’ and Psychology; The Modern Church?; The US President’s Church


Topics: How Important Is Doctrine? How Should Christian Women Dress? P.3 – Holy Person Who Could Stop Traffic?; Rome’s Public Face; Quotable; Evangelism; What Do The ‘Anointed Ones’ Have To Offer Us? P.4- ‘It Is Written’; Benny Hinn & Howard-Browne Roots; Benny Hinn & Roman Catholicism; The Righteousness of Christ; Rock Music; Anglicans, Catholics & Ecumenism; Demonology Gone Mad P.5,6 – Healing; Miraculous Divine Healing – You Discern!


Topics: Which Jesus Gives Me Eternal Life? P.3 – A Growing Delusion; God’s Dentistry – ‘An Honest Mistake’; ‘Christian’ Bookstores? P.4 -Ecumenism – False Unity; Religious Leaders…On The Road To Unity; The Modern Church And The Cults; ‘Contemporary Christian Music’; Cults In The End-times; Today’s Youth; Robert Schuller; Roman Catholic Teaching; Pope Urges War Against Protestantism;Three Attitudes To Finance; Evolution – Missing Links P.5,6 – False Prophecies,Revelations & Teachings


Topics: Gold Rush! Audible Voices! What next?; As God is My Dentist. P.3 – Christian Copyright; Psychology; Terminology; WCC; God Makes Mistakes?; Contemporary Christian Music (CCM); Franklin Graham’s Ecumenical Festivals P.4 – Church & Church Services; Video Review; God’s Methods; Revivals Money & Lies P.5, 6 – Sola Fide – The Forgotten Doctrine


Topics: Addictions, Conviction & Repentance. P.3 – ‘Miracle Money’; Believers Cosy In Soft Options? P.4 – Bible Prophecies of Christ Fulfilled; A True Disciple; Holiness; Quotable; Billy Graham Crusade; Benny Hinn Miracles; New Video; Fred Nile – Ecumenical? ; The Power of Music; Buddhism. P.5,6 – Pentecostal/Tongues Roots – The Amazing Facts. P.7


Topics: The Alpha Course P.3 – The Church Growth Movement & Willow Creek; For Tough Times; Pope’s Tour Plan P.4 – New Video!; Holiness; Quotable; Anglican Head Is Off To Rome; National Atheist’s Day; Today’s Gospel?; The Manic Depressive Church P.5 – Book Review – ‘The Anointing’ by Benny Hinn P.6 – The ‘Anointing’ – Real & Counterfeit P.7- A Dialogue Between Counsellor and a ‘convert’; Spurgeon On The Roman Catholic Mass

Topics: Charismatic Crowds & Controversy; How to Assess Charismatic Phenomena P.3 Pentecostals Be Aware; Doctrine & Conduct; Evangelism; Christianity Yesterday & Today; Quotable; The Gospel P.4 What is Good Christian Doctrine? Testimonies – A Caution?; Sanctification/Holiness; Ten Top Tips For Teenagers? P.5 Thoughts on Tolerance, Compromise & Controversy; Science In An Ancient Book; Grace!; Is The Holy Spirit a Person or an ‘It’ P.6 Raising the Dead – the Truth; ‘Sumo Evangelism’?; Yesterday’s Preaching


Topics: Evangelical Back-flips! P.3 Music & Power; More Revival Nonsense; Modern Evangelism; Stony Ground Hearers; Psychological Counselling – Biblical Counselling; AOG Ecumenical Prayer Evangelism P.4 The Dirty ‘D’ Word; Testimonies from Pensacola P.5 Book Review; WCC & Homosexuality; Another Hagin False Prophecy; 1997 Drunk Conference; John Wesley & ‘Holy Laughter’; Lying Signs & Wonders (2Thess.2:9);Holiness P.6 Jesus Is Lord; Benny Hinn Quote; Good Fruit & Bad Fruit; Holiness; This Body of Sin; Cults In The EndTimes; Did You Know?; The Cross; The New Wave is Ecumenical; Neo-Evangelicism; The Wheat & the Tares; UnityAt What Price?; Did you Know?


Topics: Carnal Christians?; Roman Catholic Signs & Wonders; Quotable 3. – Gotta Have a Hope!; The Babe was Born To Die! (Sermon Notes) 4. – Qld. Baptist Union & Homosexuality; Quotable; The Doctrine of the Cross; Ecumenism; Quotable; Another Copeland False Prophecy; Baptist Unions 5. God Forbid!; Did You Know?; The Fruit of Current Revivals?; Holiness; Schuller, Cho & Pope; Music; P.7 – Your Comments & Questions; The Key To Dying To Self!


Topics: The History of Ecumenism P.3 – ‘Commitment’?; ‘A Changed Life’; Sanctification Quotes; Controversy & Discernment; What Freemasonry Teaches; True Church Compared To the Apostate Church; Evolution or Creation? P.4 – The Filling With the Spirit; Regeneration; The Flesh; Quotable P.5 – Good Time Religion?; Quotable; Revival or Deception?; Behind the March For Jesus; Toronto or New Age – What’s the difference?; To Judge or Not to Judge? P.6 – Pragmatism; The Personage of Satan; Book Review; Lovers of Truth?; Longsuffering P.7 – Your Comments & Questions; Finances of the Mormon Church; Further to the BCF article; Another Death Prophecy by Crouch; Testimonies of ‘Toronto Blessing’


Topics: Gnosticism. P.3 – The Vatican & Lutheran World Federation; Who is the Queen of Heaven?; Tozer on Tolerance; Spurgeon on theCross; Signs & Wonders Testimonies. P.4 – The Hopelessness of Many; George Mueller on the Second Coming; Tracts Everywhere?; Pensacola Extra-Biblical Revelation; Cross Dressing; Earrings, Etc; Scripture Alone; What Benny Hinn Says of Catholicism. P.5 – Holy Hardware; Raise the Standard!; Holiness; Trance or Hypnosis?; ‘The Brisbane Christian Fellowship’; The Contradictions of Catholicism; P.6 – Ex-Catholics For Christ Tapes; Church Statements on Social Issues; TV; ‘War on the Saints’ -Publishers Change Manuscripts to Prevent Readers Knowing the Truth!


Topics: What is the Gospel?; Haville on Signs & Wonders. P.3 – Critic meets Pensacola Enthusiasts; Pensacola Exposed by Local Journalists; Flashback: Pensacola – Kilpatrick’s prophecy; Quotable; Saved by Faith or Works. P.4 – The Question of John 3:5,6; ‘This I do Believe’; Marian Literature; Death by Healing; Quotable; . P.5 – New Video; Benny Hinn LawSuit; Hypnotism; Robert Schuller Charged; Apostasy Summary; Holiness; Neo-Evangelicalism; Near Death Experiences – Deception?; TV; The Christian, The Gospel & the World. P.6 – Our Position in Christ. P.7


Topics: How to Discern and Test the spirits. P.3 – The ‘Holy Father’s’ Message For World Mission; The Cross; The History & Fruit of Charismatism. P.4 – Bible Code & False Prophecies; Let Martyn Lloyd Jones Speak For Himself!; Revival?; Holiness; Pope Appeals For Unity; The Galileo vs Catholic Church Fiasco; What One Great Reformer Wrote; TV & Homosexuality. P.5 – ‘Sealing’ of the Holy Spirit;’Christian’ Literature?; Salvation is of God; Howard-Browne & Kilpatrick Heresies; When Man Becomes As An Animal; Door Knocking – Best Method of Evangelism? P.6 – Pharisaism & Sectarianism; Did You Know?; Video Review; The Truth of Neo-Pentecostalism; Where Is The Balance? P.7 – Comments & Questions:AOG Disfellowship


Topics: The Error & Danger of Impartation Theology P.3 – Worship; Charismania; Quotable; Fred Nile; Quotable; Martyrs P.4 – Shroud of Turin; Pensacola – a Toronto Rehash?; Kilpatrick…More Untruths?; Quotable; Revival…?; Messages From a spirit of Mary; Franklin Graham; Signs & Wonders & Unbelievers; Anglican & Uniting Merger?; Pensacola Testimonies, Quotes & Comments.P.5 – Why I Am a Christian and Not a Seventh Day Adventist; To ThoseWho Doubt the Eternity of Hell; Quotable; Holiness Quotes; Spurgeon On Holiness P.6 – Brisbane AOG Church Resigns; Quote; Book Review (on Rodney Howard-Browne). P.7 – The Plight of Many AOG Pastors; Quote; Testimony.


Topics: AD 2000 Missions Conference; Death At Church; Other Churches & Pensacola P.3 – On Healing; Rodney Howard-Browne; Healing Claims P.4 – Billy Graham P.5,6 – Some Thoughts On Music P.7 – Book Review; Movie Review; Benny Hinn – Another false prophesy; Benny Hinn Tragedies; Pensacola Being Unmasked Further; Report on Sydney Trip


Topics: James 2 & the Cults; The Roots of Revival & Apostasy P.3 – Homosexuality; Holiness; What the World Sees? P.4 – Justification; The Aftermath of the ‘Toronto Blessing’; Max Lucado; Biblical Principles of Past Revivals; Extra-Biblical Teaching; TV; Testimonies of Pensacola P.5 – Healings in Pensacola? The Finances of the ‘Revivals’; More Lies From Benny Hinn; Verbal Inspiration; Movies; Spurgeon; Memory Regression; Billy Graham on Clinton Scandal P.6 – Lest We Forget; Altered States of Consciousness; The Big Picture; The Cross; How Not To Counsel


Topics: The Other Side of Azusa St. P.3 -More Gay & Lesbian Churches; Madness; Pensacola & the Latter-Rain Heresy; Mars Rock Fraud; Catholics & Holy Laughter?; Good Friday? P.4 – The Difficulties of Separation; Homosexuality Divides Uniting Church Further; Benny Hinn Circles; Billy Graham Crusade Counsellors; Media Network; Ecumenism. P.5 – More on Baptist Union & Ecumenism; Spirit Filled; TV; Inside the Pensacola Revival; Promise Keepers; Did You Know?; Modern Evangelism; Spiritual Warfare P.6 – New Stock – Video Review; More on the ‘Have Another Drink’ Conference; The Tongue; Homosexual Debatein the Victorian Baptist Union; Southern Baptist Fight Back; False Prophet?; Prophesy; The Wesley Test. P.7 – Testimony of a ‘March for Jesus’; Revival? Test of a Miracle Worker; Early Names for God


Topics: Evangelicals & Catholics Together (ECT) – What is the Real Issue?; Ex-Catholics for Christ Conference; The Mercy of God; The Koran & the Bible; Holiness. P.3 – A Liturgy of Repentance, Solidarity & Commitment; What Are the Manifestations of the Holy Ghost?; Separate from the World; Which God?; Hell, Heaven & Logic; A Catholic & the Bible. P.4 – Prophecy Movement Fills British Pews; Pope & Co-redemptrix Doctrine; Benny Hinn in Brisbane; The ‘Anointing’. P.5 – Video Review; Drunk in the spirit Conference?; Copeland & the Atonement; Alpha & Catholics?; The Probability of Prophecies; Catholic Leaven; Evangelical Charismatics Issue Plea. P.6 – Billy Graham Speaks; Promise Keepers Broke; NIV Apostasy; Earthquakes Multiplying?; Vintage Preaching; The Price of Separation & Holiness; Benny Hinn: Visions, Necromancy. .the Occult. P.7 – Church Controlled Schools – Beware! (A Testimony); A Resolution; Real vs Counterfeit; Family Connections Ministries.


Topics: Editors’ Comments; Leaders of Pensacola in Separate Accidents. P.2 – World Revival?; P.3 – Robert Schuller; Ecumenism – Deception of the 20th Century?; P.4 – Psychic Spiritual Olympics 2000; SDA Malnutrition; Christian Nudist Village; Bible Code; How Close is the One World Church?; Revival?; The Effect of TV?; The Downward Spiral; How Close are We?; P.5 -Media Coverage of Signs & Wonders Movement; Narrow Minded?; Baptist Union & Ecumenism; Sword Waving?; Christian Martyrs; Divisions Continue; The Cult of ‘St. Joseph’.; P.6 – Quotable; Manifestations; Yesterday & Today; Being Spirit Filled, (Eph.5:18); Some thoughts on todays Signs & Wonders; Which Jesus? (Sermon Notes); Uniting Church National Assembly P.7 Wesley on 1 Cor.14:32; Spurgeon Ecumenism; End-Time signs; Scripture & Doctrine; The Stranger we Took in.


Topics: How To Assess a Charismatic Phenomena; The Tongue; Alpha Course. P.3 – ‘Awakening News’!; Christ’s Nappy?; Did You Know?; The Slide Continues; Did You Know?; The Church in the Madi Gras?; When Tribulations Come; Religion and Christianity. P.4 – Billy Graham a Freemason?; Promise Keepers & Catholicism; Wimber Took Responsibility For False Prophets; Benny Hinn To Face Trial; Roman Catholic Editors of Christianity Today; What Some Catholics Think Of Evangelism; World Council of Churches. P.5 – How Protestant Are You? Justification – Truth Under Siege? P.6 – Answers To Questionairre P.5 P.7- Brian Houston and Share the Holy Spirit Conference – Update; The Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship (FGBM) a Testimony.

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ‘save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.