In this section: The doctrines of Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. Salvation by faith alone. The Trinity.

The Perseverance of the Saints v2.5
The Perseverance of the Saints. Printable Booklet v2.5
We must come to the point of realisation that our works have nothing to do with Justification – that state of being made eternally right with God in the courts of Heaven. Salvation cannot be purchased even in part, because it requires a payment we cannot make. If our Justification and ultimate salvation cannot be bought by good deeds, then it naturally follows that it cannot be lost through bad deeds! The penalty must be satisfied infinitely. Unlike God, we are finite beings.

Justification Sanctification Glorification – Chart 2.6* Updated *

This chart has been used many times in seminars to teach: If you have believed in Jesus; his death burial, resurrection; substitution; Lord, Saviour – You have been delivered from penalty of sin (Justification) ; are being delivered from power of sin (Sanctification) ; and will be delivered from presence of sin (Glorification) .

Justification / Sanctification / Glorification v2.6* Updated *

Justification / Sanctification / Glorification – Printable Booklet v2.6* Updated *

Justification, Sanctification, Glorification – The Process of Salvation‘: An understanding of Justification, Sanctification and Glorification solves many doctrinal heresies as well as gives a powerful understanding of how God has worked, is working and will work in the Christian’s life. It also answers such questions as: Can Christians ever wilfully sin? How could we sin if we are ‘saved from our sins’? What does salvation really mean if we still sin? How do we reconcile the fact that professing Christians could commit adultery and drunkeness?…Are they really ‘saved’? Is it possible to reach a state of ‘sinless perfection‘ in this life? What has been the orthodox historical teaching on these questions?

Sanctification Systems; True & False

One of the hallmarks of Cults and false religion is a confusion in understanding the differences between Justification and Sanctification. Even within Christendom the two systems have become so confused that it is arguably now unwise to teach one without teaching the other. The Gospel is being filtered through sanctification rather than Justification

Sola Fide – Faith Alone – The Forgotten Doctrine v2.5
Sola Fide – the Forgotten Doctrine Printable Booklet v2.5
The doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) which teaches that God imputes (credits, accounts) His righteousness to our account is the very edge of the wedge that divides Biblical Christendom from all other religions and cults! The doctrine of imputation is at the very heart of faith alone. You cannot have one without the other…

A Test; On Justification

How ‘Protestant’ Are You? In surveys to date the following questionnaire has shown that a large proportion of Protestants are more Roman Catholic than Protestant in their concepts of Justification. Please think each question out carefully before answering. The correct answers represent Biblical truths from the faith once delivered to the apostles and then the Great reformation. The answers are at the end of page 3 and we encourage readers on completion of the test to study carefully the article ‘Justification – A Truth Under Siege’, (in this Article/PDF) and to review various articles on Justification/Sanctification, (eg. ‘On our website’ in this section, Salvation Doctrines).

Trinity Deity in Early History v2.5
The Trinity and Deity in Early History Printable Booklet v2.5

The teaching of the Trinity is clearly taught in Scripture even from Genesis. Throughout the Bible the same personal characteristics and actions are attributed to all three members of the Godhead. All are taught as God or creator. But many falsely state it was not taught in the first few centuries. This article documents the writings of the early Church Fathers on the Trinity. It leaves no doubt as to what they taught! This is powerful evidence for the cults.

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