This section lists false prophecies, false teachers and false prophets. The articles are based on much research over many years.

Hillsong – A Train Wreck

Hillsong – A Train Wreck Printable Booklet

Increasingly we are being asked ‘should we be encouraging people to attend Hillsong events or sing their songs in our churches?’ The answers lie in the foundations, theology and now the fruit of this ever-growing movement…

An Analysis of Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven® Life – Booklet

An Analysis of Rick Warren’s: The Purpose-Driven® Life by Matt Costella – The Purpose-Driven Life is Heresy!
Rick Warren, renowned pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, and chief architect of the Purpose-Driven® ministry empire, has influenced thousands of pastors and Christian leaders around the world with his best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Church and his Purpose-Driven® church growth seminars. Now, Warren has targeted the Christian layperson with his latest New York Times best-seller, The Purpose-Driven® Life (Zondervan, 2002).

Rick Warren and the ‘Purpose Driven’ Books v2.5
Rick Warren and the ‘Purpose Driven’ Books Printable Booklet v2.5

Rick Warren is pastor of the Saddleback Church in California and author of such best-selling books as ‘The Purpose Driven Church’ and ‘The Purpose Driven Life’.
The Root of the Problem:
Warren’s exegesis of scripture is deceptive. An example of this is a sermon by Warren: ‘What the Bible Says About the Role of  Women’. In Genesis 3:16 Warren exchanges the word ‘rule’ for ‘dominate’; he says Lydia in Acts 16 ‘hosted a church in her home’; Chloe (1Cor.1:11) was a ‘small group leader’; Phebe (Rom.16:1) was a ‘leader in the church’. All these claims cannot be derived by exegesis of the texts. Warren turns 1Timothy 3:11 completely on its head and says: ‘it sounds like the wives of deacons should have these qualifications [for a deaconess]’. Yet the passage is clearly referring to qualifications for husbands! Warren later flatly contradicts himself when he says ‘women cannot be elders’! Yet the qualification of ‘husband of one wife’ is the same wording for both elders and deacons! Amazingly he then says ‘There were obviously women leaders in the church…’ But this premise has been derived at by speculation and false interpretation!

Rick Warren – What He Teaches
‘Today there really aren’t that many Fundamentalists left; I don’t know if you know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren’t that many Fundamentalists left in America. Now the word ‘fundamentalist’ actually comes from a document in the 1920s called the Five Fundamentals of the Faith. And it is a very legalistic, narrow view of Christianity’.

Benny Hinn – A Closer Look v2.5
Benny Hinn – A Closer Look. Printable Booklet v2.5

Benny Hinn is an ordained Assembly of God Pastor, at the Orlando Christian Centre in Florida, which boasts up to 10,000 people in attendance. (In 1996 he resigned from the AOG). Even within his own Charismatic ranks, his hermeneutical and exegetical methods have alarmed many church leaders across the world. The alarm is heightened when one realises that Hinn has an audience of up to 100 million via TV satellite, as well as reaching countless millions with his books and tapes.

Benny Hinn – Lest We Forget

(This is a small proportion of the false prophecies of Benny Hinn in the last decade) #…The spirit tells me that Fidel Castro will die in the nineties…’I will visit Cuba’, the Lord says. [Benny ‘sees’ something in the spirit] Holy Spirit, do you mean that he will die physically? The Holy Spirit just said that it will be worse than any death you can imagine – what kind of death? I see Castro bent over behind bars…’

The Hillsong Phenomena Revisited v2.5
The Hillsong Phenomena Revisited Printable Booklet v2.5

Increasingly we are being asked ‘should we be encouraging people to attend Hillsong events or sing their songs in our churches?’ The answers lie in the foundations, theology and now the fruit of this ever-growing movement…

Joyce Meyer

In recent years high profile TV evangelist/teacher, Joyce Meyer, has captured the minds and hearts of millions of Christians worldwide. Her tapes, books and appearances have received much attention from bookstores and churches across the breadth of Christendom. But what does she really teach?

Mother Teresa – The Truth v2.5
Mother Teresa – The Truth. Printable Booklet v2.5
The late Mother Teresa has now been declared a ‘saint’ by the Pope.
This article explores the enigma of a woman who has captured the hearts of many religious people as well as many Christians. The ‘sainthood’ of Teresa declared by the Pope raises the matter of salvation, the gospel of works and even an issue of whether ‘sincerity’ can save a person, despite their teachings.

Philip Yancey

In recent times there has been much talk of bestselling author Philip Yancey. Christian Bookshops are buzzing with advertisements and promotional material concerning his books. Recently he was sponsored to Australia by the Seventh Day Adventist organisation. A recent bestseller is titled ‘Whats So Amazing About Grace?’ On opening the first page of the above book I was immediately struck by the list of endorsements. One was by Tony Campolo, a powerful speaker and environmentalist. Dr. Campolo’s heresies are myriad. He is liberal on Homosexuality and believes Jesus is a real presence and mystically present in every person we meet.

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke is a German Pentecostal evangelist with a large ministry mainly to African and European countries. His crusades feature crowds of hundreds of thousands. Miracles, healings and multitudes of ‘conversions are reported. The parents of one of the dead, a little baby girl, tried unsuccessfully to get the body to Bonnke hoping he would raise her from the dead…. Apparently they were putting their faith in the ‘anointing’ of the faith healer. Yet Bonnke claims, ‘When I step on a platform, often without any touch of mine the blind begin to see, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak and the cripples to walk…Miracles happen as if copied from the Gospels and the Book of Acts’.

Word-Faith Teaching – A Closer Look v2.5
Word-Faith Teaching – A Closer Look Printable Booklet v2.5

What do ‘Word Faith’ teachers such as Copeland, Hagin and Hinn teach? Why is their teaching on faith, healing and prosperity so controversial? What do they teach on the diety of Christ and the atonement? What are the roots of this movement?…
”Logos” and ”Rhema” Confusion”

Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

YWAM have been an influential ministry, particularly in the area of youth. In recent years many have been concerned as to teachings and prophecies emanating from their leaders. Many believe there are also cultic trends. This article is written by one who has investigated and researched this organisation…

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