Legalism is a deadly hindrance to Christian life in Christ. Many controversial issues are dealt with biblically in this section.

Legalism – The Scourge of Christianity v2.5
Legalism – The Scourge of Christianity Printable Booklet v2.5

The Scourge of Christianity. We often meet good Christian people who have a strict list of behavioural ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ or a particular social issue on which they like to be heard, and would have others agree. Many are bent on legalistically imposing these edicts upon other souls as doctrinal commands. Having standards is one thing, (and probably advisable in today’s apostasy); however it is dangerous to present these ‘standards’ as Biblical doctrine if they are really ‘preferences’. The difference is vitally important.

This important article also suggests a ‘philosophy of ministry’ to counter legalism and to minister in grace.

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