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NL2011-1112 Printable

Topics: Editor’s Comment P.2; Heaven P.3-5; Wafer ‘miracle’? P.5; What Limits To The Apostasy?; Jesus ‘Silent’ on Homosexuality?; Presbyterians-First Same Sex Ordination P.6; The Tide of ‘Same Sex Marriage’ Continues P.7; Mariology; Your Comments & Questions P.8; Marriage, Divorce & Re-marriage P. 9-11; Your Comments & Questions; The Disastrous Legacy of Not Teaching P.12-15;…………….

NL2011-0910 Printable

Topics:  Editor’s Comment P.2; Biblical Christianity Not Found In This Mega-church P.3; Quotes From the Catholic Religion; The ‘Inclusive’ Apostasy; Campus Crusade For Christ to Drop ‘Christ’ P.4; ‘Berean Call’ Mish Mash P.5-6; Myth Busters P.7-10; A Letter to the Salvation Army P.11-12; Your Comments & Questions P.12-15; Terry’s Itinerary; Special e-mail Articles; CD Sermon List P.15; New E-mail Version of Newsletter P.16;…

NL2011-0708 Printable

Topics: Editor’s Comment P.2; The Muslim Dilemma; Evolution or Creation? P.3; Roman Catholicism & cumenism; Christians, Jews and Muslims to Share Pulpits; The Ecumenical Church P.4; The Emergent Church Movement P.5-8; Your Comments & Questions P.8-14; Terry’s Itinerary; Barry Horner Itinerary; Website news/comments P.15 Your Comments & Questions; New PDF Colour; Prayer/Praise Points P.16….

NL2011-0506 Printable

Topics: P.2 Editor’s Comment; P.3-5 The Local Church – When To Leave/When Not To Leave; P.6 Presbyterian Panel Acquits Homosexual Minister; P.7 Benny Hinn in Court Again; Arminian Christianity; P.8-12 Ecumenical Arguments Answered; P.13-15 Your Comments and Questions P.15 Love Versus Tolerance; P.16 Your Comments and Questions; Praise/Prayer Points

NL2011-0304 Printable

Topics: Editors Comment P.2,3; A Servant of the Word P.4; The Bible – Like No Other Book!; Televangelists Continue P.5; Hell – The Facts P.6-10; Your Comments and Questions P.11-14; Terry’s Itinerary; Is Our Christianity a ‘Crutch’? P.15; Your Comments and Questions; Website Comments P.16…………………


Topics: Editors Comment P.2,3; The Error of ‘Dualism’ P.4; Which jesus? P.5-8; ‘Chrislam’ – What Next?; The Excuse of ‘Hypocrisy’ P.8; Christian Wisdom – the Tact of God; The Gospel of Oprah P.9; Seventh Day Adventism Testimony P.10; Your Comments and Questions P.11-14; Terry’s Itinerary P.15….

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Topics: Book Review: ‘Family Fundamentals’ by John E. Ashbrook P.2; Montanism and Pentecostalism P.3,4; Tozer Quotes P.5; The Rapture? P.6; Travelling Bus Ministry; Bible College 2011 Correspondence courses P.8…..


Topics: What Do You Mean By ‘Church’? P.2; Lord, Was That You? Ps.3,4; ‘Deliverance’ – Quotable P.5…..


Topics: Who Does The Pope Claim To Be? Peter Versus The Popes P.2; When Love Divorces Doctrine and Unity Rejects Truth by Dr. John C. Whitcomb, Jr. Ps.3,4; Propitiation P.4; Church Is For the Church Ps.5,6; Benny Hinn; Todd Bentley P.6…………..


Topics: Prosperity Preaching: Deceitful and Deadly P.2; Unity or Ecumenism? P.3; Guillaume Farel (1489-1565) s.5,6 ………


Topics: Geopolitics and Prophecy P.2; By His Stripes We Are ‘Healed’? P.3;The Disease of Pragmatism Ps.5,6……………


Topics: Mary MacKillop Now a ‘Saint’? P.2, Book Review: ‘The New Tolerance’ by Josh McDowell & amp; Bob Hostetler; Believers and Unbelievers P.3; Some Thoughts on Worship Ps.4,5;Your Comments and Questions P.6; Your Comments and Questions; SDA Twisting History P.7………

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.