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Topics: Urgent Letter to this ministry & Our Readers P.2; Seventh Day Adventism (SDA) – What They Teach P.3; The Koran Teaches; Mormon Sect Major Landholder in Britain; Pope Entrusts Whole World To Mary; Bishop Peter Jensen; Billy Graham P.4; ‘Apostasia’ (2Thess.2:3) – Apostasy or ‘Rapture’? P.5; Unconvinced; Pragmatism Vs. Biblical; Converts – Apparent or Real? P.6…


Topics: Spiritual Warfare P.2; Correction; Biblical Philosophy or Legalism; The Value of Studying Greek P.3; Evangelicals Promote Catholicism?; Lutheran Lesbian Ordained; New Bible With Erotic Pictures?; Alpha Testimony; Pentecostal Church Turns Roman Catholic; Fishes Out of Water? P.4; New Book; Materials on Spiritual Warfare; New Video; New Website Master/Addresses; Quotables! P.5; Charles Colson Praises Neuhaus; Evangelicals Forced Out by Catholics; Lest We Forget; Transformations II; Anglicans to View Gays as Good Friends? P.6…

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Topics: The Doctrine of ‘God Told Me’ P.2; Book Release ‘Tongues & The Baptism With The Spirit’; Salvation is…; My Last Voyage P.3; Ecumenism Continues; J.I.Packer & Catholicism; Pensacola’s Brownsville Assembly Splits; A Huge Mission Field; Healing; Church of England Apostasy P.4; Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Some Quotes P.5,6; The Trinity & Deity in Early History P.7,8; Dobson, Colsen at the Vatican; True Faith; Growth Statistics; Creation Teacher Stirs Students; Evangelical Confusion; Revival?; The Gospel P.9; ‘Apostasy Alert’……


Topics: Experience In the Light of Scripture; James 2 & the Cults P.2; Harry Potter Books; Faith & the Gospel; Phil Pringle P.3; Dobson/Colson; Pope – Unbelievers Saved if Live a Good Life; ‘Revival’ Churches – the Fruit; Spurgeon on RC; Benny Hinn -False Prophet Extraordinaire P.4; Grace Displaced? P.5,6; ‘Transformations’ and ‘revivals’ P.7,8; Navigators linking with RC; ‘Holy Fathers’ New Year Message; Paul Crouch/TBN P.9; Children’s edition of Firm Foundations… P.10; Private Reprove For Public False Teaching?; Bonnke’s Crusade in Nigeria …..


Topics: Pentecostal Defences P.2; A Very Present Danger; Christadelphianism; The Quakers P.3 Quotable – Error/Truth; Willow Creek & Women Pastors; The Power Team; Pentecostalism in Russia; The Pope & Marian Devotion; Campolo, Palau Spoke for Schuller; Benny Hinn – Four Die in Kenya P.4; Healing P.5,6……



Topics: The path provided – A Look at Antinomianism & Legalism P.2; A Paradigm Shift P.3; Pope & New Co-Redemptrix doctrine; Protestant Churches Going the Way of Catholicism; Benny Hinn – More Prophecies!; Revival in Britain?; Bill Bright; World Turning Church Upside Down?; Converts To What?; Pensacola Pastor Leaves P.4; Questionnaire To Lovers of Truth; Prayer Language P.5,6; A Fundamentalist Speaks To Baptists P.7,8; Billy Graham’s Amsterdam 2000; Satan Made Me Do It?; The ‘Message’; UN To Impose One World Religion?; BWA & RC; RC & BU; Pentecostal/Catholic Ecumenism P.9…


Topics: The Emmaus Experience; Food For Thought? Bible Study Programme – Review P.2; Response From Jacob Prasch/Moriel P.3; True Evangelism; The Holy Spirit in the OT/NT; Holiness; Mike Warnke; What Do The ‘Anointed’ Ones Have To offer P.4; The Baptism & Filling With the Spirit P.5,6….


Topics: Sanctification Systems – True and False P.2; New Age Movement; Quotable – The State of the Church; Evangelism Quote; Christian Books? P.3; Southern Baptists & Women Pastors; Christian Wrestling?; The Latest Manifestation; Priests & AIDS; Michael W. Smith; Preaching Out…Worship In; Jews Challenge Vatican Over Holocaust; Chuck Colson; The Power of the Word P.4; Evangelicism;Sola Scriptura; Prophecy P. 5,6…….


Topics: A Plea From the Editor; Sydney; Melbourne Trips P.1; Terminologies – Don’t Be Fooled; What Catholicism Teaches P.2; Jesus To Appear Bodily With Benny Hinn?; How the World Sees the Church; P.3; Charismatic Disrupts Funeral of Baby; True Colours Fly?; Four Die waiting For Miracle Cures; Reinhard Bonnke’s Crusade Deaths; Pentecostal Denomination Accepts Homosexuality; The Campolos; Perfection; 1950 Quote; How Did Pensacola Revival Really Begin? P.4 David Wilkerson P. 5,6; Your Comments & Qs.; A Note From the Editor; Neil Anderson Warning Package; Eternal Salvation; True Faith; New Anglican Head Denies Faith? P.7……


Topics: Revival? Quotable! P.2; At the Turn of the Century…; The Growing Ecumenism P.3; Catholic – Lutheran Agreement; The Sting taken out of the Gospel; They Believed Not The Truth; More Teeth Reports; The Sovereignty of God; Dialogue of Deception P.4; The Church Growth Movement. P.5,6; Book Review; Request from Africa P7…….


Topics: Demons, Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare; Faith and/or Repentance For Salvation? P.2; Prophecies?; John Newton P.3; The Greatest Deception?; True Evangelism; Pope Is Graham’s ‘Man of the Century’; Vineyard; Billy Graham – Heaven Wrong Place For Him?; What the World Thinks of Benny Hinn P.4; The Greatest Deception? P.5,6……….


Topics: Homosexuality P.2; A Bitter Harvest; Testimony; Church Request P.3; Pope Kisses Koran; RC Indulgences Still In; Kenneth Copeland; Jonathan Edwards & ‘Toronto Blessing’; Christian Nightclubs?; Pope Images On Phone Card; Benny Hinn’s Bizarre Prophecy P.4; Smith Wigglesworth – The Facts P.5,6; Your Comments & Questions; ‘Gods Part’; Worshipping the Worship P.7……

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.