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In early 2019 I was convicted and challenged to dig into a book that I had somewhat beforehand written, nor preached little in the way of exegesis, not being confident in my understanding of at least some parts. I took two lots of a few days sabbatical and prayerfully read through and studied the entire book of Revelation. The experience was one I will never forget and the hours vanished away as the scenes in revelation became so real. Indeed the book begins with promising a ‘blessing’: ‘Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand’ (1:3).

Hence between July/August 2019 and January/February/2023 I embarked on a written series of 18 articles expositing the book of Revelation in the magazine ”Diakrisis”.

In these articles I was not primarily interested in the various views (‘Premill’, ‘A-mill’, ‘Post-mill’, etc) but rather the interpretation (hermeneutics) of the images and symbols, as well as the time element and order of each scene.

I pray that these studies within the two booklets will be a blessing to many.

Terry Arnold

(February 2023)


A Fresh Look at Revelation Book 1 :-

A Fresh Look at Revelation Book 1 Printable Booklet :-


A Fresh Look at Revelation Book 2 :-

A Fresh Look at Revelation Book 2 Printable Booklet :-


Also available is the study series notes on the book of Daniel.


A study of Daniel Book 1 :-

A study of Daniel Book 1 Printable Booklet :-


A study of Daniel Book 2 :-

A study of Daniel Book 2 Printable Booklet :-


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Resource list 2022

Resource list 2022 Printable booklet

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New Resources:

Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage v3.60
Marriage or Same-Sex Marriage Printable v3.60

The institution of Marriage has been increasingly under attack in recent decades. More than half of marriages suffer separations, divorce or re-marriage. Many today do not even bother with any ‘marriage’ contract. Hence fornication in churches is not uncommon and many pastors turn a blind eye to this sin. But now there has come a new issue to deal with… same-sex marriage.
**New TV DVD’s**
In 2011 Terry did 8 TV interviews in Sydney on Life TV media channel. These 30 minute interviews are available on DVD. This is a professional set of two DVD’s. Total Price: $19 + postage. The topics include:
What is a Christian?; God’s Will For You; Music; Marriage; Depression; Natural Disasters; Cults…and more.

Our Sermons list: Also available, is the booklet Sermons by Terry Arnold produced over many years – in Alphabetical order.

Sermons by Terry Arnold; Revised v 5.50

Thanks to our new layout we can now offer the Sermons by Terry Arnold as a printable booklet.

Sermons by Terry Arnold Booklet; Revised Printable Booklet 06.01.2013
Audio sermons:

We intend to add a list of sermons Terry Arnold has done on major topics.

Below are the topics and titles. You can download or listen to them online.
What Is / Is Not The Gospel?
How Does God Come To Man?
The Greatest Deception
The Great Exchange (2Cor.5:21)
Why I Hate ‘Religion’!
Are You Trusting God Where You Are?
Eternal Questions
Spiritual Warfare “Mind Games” (2Cor 10: 3-5 Eph 6:13-18)
Testimony Part 1 From Roman Catholicism
Roman Catholicism
Testimony Part 2 From Pentecostalism
Which Jesus, Which Gospel, Which Spirit?
Legalism or Liberty? (Gal.5:1)
To Judge Or Not To Judge (Jn 7: 19-24)
Depression (1Kings 19)
Evangelism to the Cults ( Jude )
Women in Ministry
Our Sabbath – From Shadow To Christ
The Fact of Creation (Gen.1:1-5)
The Earth Groans; We look up(Rom.8:21,22; Matt 24:3-8; Lk.21:8-11; 25-28)
End Time Signs (Lk.17:26-28; Matt.24:40-42)

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