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NL2021-1112.pdf :-

NL2021-1112 Printable :-

Topics:- Editorial – Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful? P.2; MacArthur Wins Lock Down Battle; Yonggi Cho Dead; Gospel Quotes P.3,4; Book Review – ‘Revival & Revivalism – The Making and the Marring of American Evangelicism 1750-1858’ P.5-9; A Fresh Look At Revelation – Part 11 P.9-15; Comments & Questions; New Book P.15-19; Interstate Itineraries Cancelled; Questionnaires and Debates sections P.20….

NL2021-0910 :-

NL2021-0910 Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2; The Papal gospel; What the New ‘gospels’ Profit P.4; The Demise of Denominations; Remembering the Millions P.4; The Plight of a Missionary – A Story of Eternal Perspective; Missionary Hardships P.6-8; ‘Voice’ And ‘Sound’ – a Contradiction? (Acts 9 & 22) P.9,10; A Fresh Look At Revelation-Part 10 P.11-14; Sub-editor’s Thoughts on the Current World Situation; Comments & Questions P.15-18; Terry’s Itinerary; New Book P.19,20…

NL2021-0708 :-

NL2021-0708 Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2; USA Lutherans Elect First Transgender Bishop…and Sweden Lutheran Now ‘Trans-Inclusive’ P.3; The Holy Spirit – Really? P.4; Four Reasons For Not Asking Jesus into One’s Heart P.5,6; Gospel Quotables! P.7; John Flavel P.8-10; A Fresh Look at Revelation – Part 9 P.11-16; Comments/Questions P.17-20; Qld-NSW-Vict Itinerary P.19…

NL2021-0506 :-

NL2021-0506 Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2; Persecutions and Martyrdom P.4; Classic Quotes For Meditation P.5; Predestination and
‘Foreknowledge’ – a Closer Look P.6-13; A Fresh Look at Revelation – Part 8 P.14-18; Comments & Questions P.19,20…


NL2021-0304 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; The Enigma of Michael Brown P.4; The Trump Prophecies? P.5; The ‘De-conversion’ Phenomenon Why are so many ‘losing the faith’? P.6; A Fresh Look at Revelation – Part 7 P.10-14; Questions/Comments: The Puritans in America; Charles Stanley; Women in Ministry, Tongues; Max Lucado P.15-20 …


NL2021-0102 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2; The Fruit of Hillsong Continues P.3; Greg Laurie – 12 Errors in Under 3 Minutes P.4,5; The Puritans – Giants of the Faith P.6,16; A Fresh Look at Revelation – Part 6 …



NL2020-1112 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Covid – Church Statistics P.4;  Jehovah Witnesses and the Gospel; A Message for Ministers, Pastors, Elders, Teachers P.5; How The Holy Spirit Speaks – The Great Divide P.6-12; A Fresh Look at Revelation – Part 5 – P.13-17; David Pawson and the Vision of Jesus P.18; Comments & Questions P.19,20…..


NL2020-0910 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment – The Demise of Denominations P.2-4; The Healing ‘Lockdown’ ; J.I. Packer P.5; Phil Pringle’s False Prophesy; China’s Social Gospel By Persecution P.6; Revelation – A Fresh Look – Part 4 P.7,8,13; Booklist P.9-12; Your Comments & Questions P.14-20 …..



NL2020-0708 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2-4 The Hypocrisy of the Ecumenical Movement P.5 How The World Sees ‘Hillsong’ P.6-8 Revelation – A Fresh Look – Part 3 P.9-14 Your Comments & Questions – ‘God Loves The Sinner’?; Charles Stanley P.15-20…

NL2020-0506 Printable
Topics:-Editor’s Comment P.2-4; Where Is the healing From Corona? P.5; Roman Catholic Reversal; Paula White – More Deception P.6; Christians & Pornography P.7; Pneumatology in History and the Early Counterfeits P.8-13; Women in Ministry and the ‘Gender’ Argument P.14-16; Dave Hunt on Hell P.17,18; Comments/Questions P.19,20…..

NL2020-0304 Printable
Topics:-Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Bill Johnson and the Failed Raising From the Dead P.4,5; Reinhard Bonnke – a ‘Great Evangelist’? P.6-8; Pneumatology in History and the Modern Counterfeits – Part 1 P.9-16; Comments/Questions P.17,18; Terry’s Itinerary P.19; Conferences; Diakrisis TV; Website P.20…….

NL2020-0102 Printable

Topics:- Sub Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Millions Flocking For ‘Personal Encounter’ With God P.4; Benny Hinn’s Hypocrisy P.5;
Questions Muslims Ask P.6; Women Preachers – The Recent Controversy P.7,8; The Martydom of Maria de Bohorques P.9,10; Comments/Questions P.11-18; Terry’s Itinerary P.19; Diakrisis TV; Website P.20……….