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Topics: YHWH, Y’shua, HaMashiach or Jesus…? P.2. Rapture or Apostasy? P.3,4,5 Evangelicals and Adventists? P.6; The Pope’s gospel? P.6; Jensen/Anglicans Compromise on Catholic Day P.6.


Topics: Sub-editors Comments: The Descending Darkness P.2 – Championing The Cause of Christ’s Church? P.3 – Peter Popoff; Darren Beadman; Has Roman Catholicism Changed?; Pentecostal ‘Idol’ To Sing at RC Event P.4 – Replacement Theology – Is it Biblical? P.5,6 – Pastors/Elders – As They See It P.7 – Your Comments and Questions; The Irwin’s – ‘Christian Buddhists’?


Topics: What Was Jude On About Anyway? P.3,4 – Overheating? P.4 – Passion of the Christ Movie: Motives Revealed; The Pope – On Evolution P.5,6 – Mail on Hillsong article


Topics: ‘Self-Esteem’? P2; Christian Persecution P.4; Pope – Ecumenical leader P.4; ‘Peace-Loving’ Palestinians P.4?; Indulgence Offer P.4; The Hillsong Phenomena Revisited P5,6,7,8; ‘A Chronology of Biblical Christianity’ by R.C. Wetzel 1103BC – 1025BC P.9; Your Comments and Questions P.10,11,12.


Topics: The God of holiness or The god of This World? P.2; John Philpot- English Martyr; ‘A Chronology of Biblical Christianity’ 1390BC – 1121BCP.3; Brian Houston with Schuller and Rome P.4;Benny Hinn P.4; Church ‘Disciplinary Action’ P.5,6,7; The ‘Secret’ To a Successful Marriage? P.7; Mail from ‘Herald of Hope and Election’(Jan/Feb/2006) P.9 ….


Topics: Islam – Who Has To Apologize? By Jan Willem Van der Hoeven (Director International Christian Zionist Centre) P.2; Mormonism and Charles Finney…P.3; ‘Understanding The Times’ Conferences P.3;Catholics, Christians and ‘Rain Prayer’ ;Australian ‘Idols’ (By Katherine Kizilos, The Age, Nov.2, 2006) P.4; ‘Herald of Hope’ and ‘Election’ P.5,6,7,8.


Topics: No Fear In Their Hearts P.1; The Deception of ‘Dialogue ’ P.2; The ‘Perfect Will of God’ P.3,4; Roman Catholicism and Islam;The Virgin Mary and Signs and Wonders; The Fruit of Modern Methods! P.5; What Rick Warren Did To Our Church by Mark Duckworth P.6,7,8; The Steve Irwin Death – What Is God Saying? P.9,10;1Corinthians 7:16 P.11;‘Occultic spirits’? P.11…


Topics: Tolerance Rethought P.3; Joyce Meyer – Multi-Millionairess; Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic?; Pat Mesiti Back; The Aussie Bible P.4;How To ‘Study’ The Bible P.5,6; How To Listen To a Sermon by George Whitefield P.7.


Topics: The Da Vinci Code’s Top Errors P.2; How Do You Think? {Objective Biblical Thinking: Experience/Scripture: The Love of God/Wrath of God: Synergism/Monogism: P.3, ‘Strawman’ Thinking…} P.4,5,6; God and Sport P.7.


Topics: Raising The Dead – The Truth P.2; Book Review ‘Fool’s Gold’ by John MacArthur P.3;Rick Warren Confusion; What Next?…; Revival, What Revival?;‘God’s Flock Corraled To a Rock Beat’ (Australian , August 15th, 2005) P.4;Azusa St. Commemoration P.4; The Church Growth Movement & ‘Seeker Services’ P.5,6; Your Comments and Questions P.7,8.


Topics: Calvin and Servetus – The Facts P.3 – Are We Yet Glorified?; For this the Martyrs Died? (Re: Rick Warren) P.4 – Warren Targets Africa?; Christian Wrestling?; Vatican Claims Inquisition a Mistake – But Legal; Cliff Richard – Churches To ‘Go Easy’ On Homosexuals. P.5,6 – Acts 2:38; Baptismal Remission; and Campbellism


Topics: A Considerably Bolder Vatican P.2,3 – The Emergent Church; Danger of Christian Complacency P.4 – C.S. Lewis; ‘Hillsong a Different Hymn Sheet’ P.5 – ‘Swimming Upstream’ by R.C. Sproul P.6 – ‘Slain In The Spirit’? P.7 – Your Comments and Questions; Rick Warren and the ‘New Reformation’

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.