Many today are ill advised as to what is meant by and taught of ‘Arminianianism’ and ‘Calvinism’. This section is an attempt to clarify what is really taught, not what most think is taught. Many Christians today are also ill advised as to the differences between Historic ‘Calvinism’ and ‘Hyper-Calvinism’.
What are the Doctrines of Grace?

Arminianism, Hyper-Calvinism, Strawmen…and The Truth

In the current debate surrounding the topic of ‘Calvinism’ some confusion is being caused by the misrepresentation of Biblical truths and the use of emotive ‘strawmen’. This article may help cut through the lies and deceptions currently being perpetrated by some authors. In one page we show the differences between Arminianism, the Bible and Hyper-Calvinism.

2 Peter 3 v9

The primary context is about the end of this age and the sureness of the Lord’ s coming for his ‘beloved’. The thrust of the argument is about the Lord being patient (‘long-suffering’) with sinners coming to repentance. It is a clear exhortation to the ‘beloved’ to be patient and not to listen to the false teachers (previous verses) who were scoffing at the promise of the coming.”>A Truth Maligned –

A great and wonderful truth has been so misrepresented this century that it is practically seen by most Christians today as a ‘heresy’.  That truth is God’s Sovereignty in the election of the saints.

Doctrines of Grace 5 Studies v2.5
Doctrines of Grace 5 Studies v2.5 – {this is in a printable booklet format} : –

Five studies in the Sovereignty of God issues. 1. Who Chose Who?  2. Who Chose Who (part 2)  3. John 3:16 – How Do You Read It?  4. ‘Free Will’ & ‘Free Agency’ defined – What is Biblical?  5. Divine Election

Arminianism Calvinism debate v2.5
Arminianism-Calvinism debate. Printable Booklet v2.5

This is a letter received from an Australian Independant Baptist Pastor accusing us of preaching ‘another Gospel’. We responded pointing out the false judgements and the misrepresentations of what this ministry believes and teaches.

Acts 13;48.

And when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord: and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed‘.

In recent times there has been debate as to how Acts 13:48 should be rendered. This scripture is ‘diffcult’ to those who will not take it for what it says. This is an exegesis of the verse and a refutation of some false teaching.

Calvin & Servetus the facts:- Revised.

In recent years there has been renewed attacks on the Reformer, Calvin. It is said that he burned alive a man called Servetus. Some authors emotionally used this to attack what they understand to be the evils of  ‘Calvinism’. This article separates historic fact from fiction.

Charles Finney

Finney, although a great preacher in many respects, was a semi-pelagian and Arminian. Finney was the father of some modern teaching and methods, methods which many believe have adversely affected the Evangelical faith.

Dave Hunt Book review

Hunt has written many exacting and timely works on Roman Catholicism, Islam and other extremes, but his book “What Love Is This? Calvinism’s Misrepresentation of God” is an all out attack on Calvinism, Calvin and other Reformers. Hunt emotionally attacks strawman and misrepresents what the Reformers actually taught. He also shockingly misquotes Spurgeon. This is a short summary refutation of the book.

Herald of Hope & Election.

In a edition of the Australian ‘Herald of Hope’ magazine, editor John Ecob wrote an article titled ‘Who are The Elect?’. His views in this article are indicative of the continuing misrepresentation by teachers today, concerning Church history, the doctrines of the sovereignty of God in the election of the saints, and so-called ‘Calvinism’.

Hunt White debating Calvinism

‘Debating Calvinism- Five Points – Two Views’ by Dave Hunt & James White This is a report on the above book. Spurgeon sums up our proposition: “…Upon the question of what Calvinism really is: The most infamous allegations have been brought against us, and sometimes I fear, by men who knew them to be utterly untrue; and, to this day, there are many of our opponents, who, when they run short of matter, invent and make for themselves a man of straw, call that John Calvin and shoot all their arrows at it….” (Spurgeon: ‘Exposition of the Doctrines of Grace’, Sermon 11th.April, 1861)

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