The following ‘debates’ are discussions the editor has had with various subscribers and others by e-mail. Over nearly three decades of a teaching ministry, there are many times when apologetics come into play in defending the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). We include these discussions and debates in the hope that readers might be aware of the doctrines and the thinking on both sides of these discussions, but also that we might all be further informed, taught and equipped in the true faith and learn to test beliefs by scripture alone.


A debate with a professing ‘Christian’

A Debate With a Professing ‘Christian’ v2.5 :-

A Debate With a Professing ‘Christian’ Printable Booklet v2.5:-


A Discussion With a Roman Catholic :-

A Discussion With a Roman Catholic Booklet :-



Debate with ‘Mr. C’ v2.5 :-

Debate with ‘Mr. C’ Printable Booklet v2.5 :-

Debate with Mr H :-

Debate with Mr H Printable Booklet :-

Debate with Mr G :-

Debate with Mr G Printable Booklet :-

Debate with ‘Mrs. V’ v2.5 :-

Debate with ‘Mrs. V’ Printable Booklet v2.5 :-