What is the mindset of a cultist? What is Mormonism? This section also contains proofs for the history of the Trinity in the early church.

Mind Control

This article teaches the characteristics and the factors that make up a ‘mindset’ and what is needed to break down cultic mindsets.

One author describes ‘mind control’ as: ‘a system of influence that disrupts an individual’s identity (beliefs, behaviour, thinking, and emotions), and replaces it with a new Identity.’


The Latter Day Saints; What Mormons Will Not Tell You At The Door.

The Trinity & Deity in Early History

The Jehovah Witnesses distribute a booklet ‘Should You Believe In The Trinity? ’ which refutes the orthodox teaching of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ. The book is full of misquotes and quotes from heretics. Some of the quotes by the Church Fathers have been changed and others are so out of context that they defy any sense of honesty. This article has proofs of the Trinity being taught in the first few centuries.

‘Jehovah Witnesses – Who is Jehovah?’ – ‘wheel chart’

‘Jehovah Witnesses’ have ‘Two Mighty Gods’ – This is a very useful chart to show Jehovah Witnesses the deity of Christ. The ‘wheel’ is designed to show the comparison scriptures from Old to New Testaments. This has been an effective device to have Jehovah Witnesses see that Christ is truly God in the flesh. When using the ‘wheel’, don’t state the obvious; let the person discover the truth of the deity of Christ for themselves.

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