Hades -Sheol – Lake of Fire – the Abyss & Soul Sleep v2.5

Hades -Sheol – Lake of Fire – the Abyss & Soul Sleep. Printable Booklet v2.5
What are the differences between ‘Hades’ and the ‘Grave’, ‘Hell’ and the ‘Lake of Fire’, and other terms such as ‘Sheol’ and the ‘Abyss’ as used throughout scripture? Indeed, there is a maze of terms used in scripture which describe various places and conditions of the body and soul after death.
The sure way of discerning the differences and avoiding confusion is to do a systematic word study of each term, isolate the original words in Hebrew and Greek, study the various contexts and then allow scripture to interpret scripture. Such a systematic study would more than likely avoid the many errors and the false or new teachings that are commonly taught with these terms…


‘Hell The Facts’ Matthew 25 v46. v2.5 (Revised)
‘Hell – The Facts’ – Matthew 25 v46 Printable Booklet v2.5 (Revised)

I.  Where is Hell?
II.  Why is there a Hell?
III.  What Happens in Hell?
IV.  Is Hell Eternal?
V.  Who will be in Hell?

Jesus spoke of Hell three times more than Heaven! Yet today Hell is rarely preached or taught. Today most funerals have everyone going to Heaven or ‘resting in peace’. Yet several Scriptures state clearly that most people will end up in Hell…

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