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Topics: Why Preach Holiness? P.1; How Well Do You Know Your Bible?; Faith (Sermon Notes); Spurgeon on Defending the faith; Apostasy Deepens in the Uniting Church? P.2; Follow that leader; Townsville Apostasy P.3; The Mixture at Pensacola; Answers To Questionnaire P.2. P.4; One Pastor’s Plea; Chuck Smith Quote. P.7; Death of a Warrior P.8…


Topics: A Doctor’s View of Healing  P.2; Believers Voice of Victory; Sermon Notes – Holiness  P.3; Television; Logos & Rhema Confusion; Some Thoughts on Rock and Christian Rock; What Really Caused the Reformation?; The Muddy Waters of Ecumenism; Better or Worse – What Say the Scriptures?; Today’s Curse; Second Pentecost? P.4;  Catholicism and New Age Movement; When Leaven Gets In; Giving Thanks; P.5;  Book Review; Pensacola Claims Continue; Benny Hinn Prophecy; Holy Speech; Diakrisis. P.6; The Greatest Deception? P.7…….


Topics: Memory Regression & Psychology; Messages From Mary? P.2; The Bible Code; His Great Invention; Derek Prince and the ‘Toronto Blessing’ P.3; Why Do Evangelists Refer Catholics Back To a False Religion?; Local Churches Come Together; Quotable; John Huss; Heroes of the Faith; One World Church This Year?; Promise Keepers & Evolution; Prophecy From God?; Quotable; Truth P.4;  A Challenge To Our Readers & Personal Letter to Brian Houston; A Bad Man Who Got Saved; Television…..


Topics: David Wilkerson on Revival; Wesleyan Methodist on ‘T.B.’; The Filling With the Spirit; Facts of the Cross P.2;  Yongi Cho’s Prophecy; The Cambridge Declaration; The Trinity – a Mystery; Finding the Balance; There Is No God? P.3; Revival Harvest; The Bible; Promise Keepers Speakers; AD 2000 Movement; The Tongue; G.R.A.C.E. P.4; The ‘Pensacola Outpouring’ Ps.5,6;  Successor to Pope John Paul II?; Priest Challenges Pope P.7….


Topics: The Tragedy of Ecumenism – a Tale of Two Sisters; Sin & Holiness; The Sovereignty of God P.1; The Fraud of a ‘Man With a Mission’; Revival & Morality; Blasphemy?; More Messages from Mary?; Pat Boone; Controversy?; Brokenness; Quotable P.2; Decade of Decline!; Ecumenism P.3; Grace & Mercy…….


Topics: Persistence P.1; Father Dennis You Did the Right Thing; From Mothers Milk- to Metho- to Jesus; Benny Hinn Video P.2; Falling (Slaying) in the spirit; Youth Alive P.3; Responses to Mail-out conducted in May………


Topics:  Persistence; ‘God always gives…’ P.1; Deeper Roots of ‘Toronto Blessing’; Tozer on Holiness; The Remnant – Still a Few; Pain is a Teacher P.2; The ‘Double Portion Anointing’ of God; ‘There is no error so…’; Demons Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare; ‘God can never accept us…’ P.3; Catholics Gay Plea; Praise & Prayer Points; John Wycliffe; ‘To defeat sin get rid of its breeding ground’….


Topics: ‘Community Notice Sheet’ – Please Note; On Faith; Does Your Bible Have These Scriptures? P.2; Youth Alive – Riot?; The Two Crosses – Sermon Notes; Brokenness P.3; Pope and Mary’s Role in Salvation; Praise and Prayer Points; Gay Church Float For Mardi Gras?; Signs and Times; Jesus Sinless and the Only Way?…..


Topics: Special Insert (4 pages): ‘Benny Hinn – A Closer Look’; Evangelicals and Catholics Together; The Girdle of Truth; Promise Keepers Report; What Mormons Say About Promise Keepers; What Catholics Say About Promise Keepers P.2; The Pathway To Deception! P.3; Book Review…..


Topics: ‘Bible Friend’ quote. P.1; ‘Toronto Blessing’ – News & Quotes; The Ninety and Nine’; What is the Self Life? P.2; Charles Finney; AOG Fiasco Continues P.3; Your Comments and Questions; Corrections & Apology; Book Review; Coincidence?; Quotable……


Topics: Editors comments; The Gospel; That Great Hope Answered P.1; Separation or Sectarianism?; Holiness P.2; Mary- Queen of Peace; Mother of Mankind; Sinless; Perpetual Virgin…?; Worldwide Church of God; Pope and Evolution; Toronto experience? – Discern for yourself!; Looking and Dressing Like the Opposite Sex P.3…….


Topics: Editors Comments; Stop, Look Listen!; The Inspiration of the Bible P.1; Promise Keepers Update; What Leaders said about Catholicism; Ecumenicism; Holiness – not Another Theme; The Sovereignty of God P.2; Some Thoughts on Healing; Evangelism Methods – Entertainment…; Christian Leaders Ripped off by a Charlatan P.3; Book Review; Praise & Prayer Points…



Topics: Editors Comments; New Version of Lord’s Prayer? P.1; The Amazing Templeton Prize;Sabbath Facts P.2;- Christmas Bible Test – How Well Do You Know Your Bible?; Experience and Scripture P.3;- Your Comments and Questions; Answers To Christmas Bible Test P.4…….


Topics: Editors Comments; Secret Messages in the Old Testament? P.1; ‘Toronto Blessing’ News; Toronto Testimonies; Did You Know? P.2; Jehovah Witnesses Delay Armageddon Once Again; AOG Ban & Court Action – Up- date; Concern Over Howard-Browne; Did You Know? P.3; Worldwide Church of God (Armstrongism) Now Christian?; Pat Robertson (Faith TV Evangelist); Real Healings; Characteristics of Cult Victims; Tolerance & Truth; Angel of Light P.4………..


Topics: Rick Joyner & Prophecy; Some thoughts on Holiness P.2; World Revival? P.3……….


Topics: ‘Apocalypse’ P.1; What is good Christian Doctrine?; Toronto Testimony; Church slams Non-Christian Role At Service P.2; Bunyans Computer; Telstra Woos Homosexuals; AOG Takes Christian To Court and Tries To Ban Book; ‘New & Important’ (John Arnott Paper) P.3;(‘Thank-you’; ‘J.W.’s Leave Group’) Roman Catholic Paganism; Pope John Paul’s Dream; Book Review P.4…


Topics: ‘Our Awesome God!’ P.1; ‘Uniting Church on Sex’ P.2; ‘Holy or Unholy Laughter?; ‘Rodney Howard-Browne on revival’ ; Catholic ‘Evangelical Language’; Jonah Swallowed by Fish;Hell of a Queue P.3; 45,000,000 murders a year The Downward Path of Compromise…..


Topics: P.2 – Replacement Theology; – Toronto
Testimony P.3 – Territorial Spirits & Spiritual Warfare; – How To Assess A Charismatic Phenomena; – Jack Hayford Says Mass & Lord’s Supper the same; – Archbishop Tutu Speaks For Homosexuals; – Pope John Paul II & Mary; – Church of England On Hell……


Topics: – ‘One Life’ P.1; A Report on the State of the Charismatic Church; ‘Toronto blessing’ news P.2; What is a Fundamentalist?; There is No God?; He Died For Me!; The Other Side of Azusa St. P.3; Apology; The Pope & Ecumenism P.3….


Topics: About The Bible P.1; Heresies of the Early Church; ‘Toronto Blessing’ News P.2; WYAM & Reconciliation Walk; The Story of Thomas Watts; Lest We Forget;Telstra and Gay & Lesbians; Pope Welcomed to USA by Evangelicals; 4 Forbidden Practices P.3; Your Comments & Questions; Did You Know?; Saving Souls For Dollars P.4…….

Topics: ‘Promise Keepers’; ‘Toronto Blessing News’ P.2 ‘What a Leading Charismatic Says’; ‘Prophecy Gone Wild’; ‘If’; ‘Did You Know’ P.3; ‘Your Comments and Questions’ … ***


Topics: ‘Passion & Compassion’ P.1: ‘The Mystery of Mary’; ‘What God says about His Word (The Bible)’;’Benny Hinn Again’; ‘Cult Mission Field’ P.2; ‘5 Ways to Discern Correctly’; ‘Shortest Verse in Bible’ P.3; ‘Revival!’; ‘Spirit & Truth’…..

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.

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