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NL2019-1112 Printable
Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; How The World Sees Pentecostalism P.4,5; Social Justice and the Gospel P.6-15;Your comments & Questions P.16-19; Diakrisis TV P.19; Terry’s Itinerary; Praise/Prayer Points P.20………..

NL2019-0910 Printable
Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,4; Joshua Harris Admits Apostasy P.5-7; Hillsong Writer ‘No Longer a Christian’ P.7,8; Persecution – Sudan; Iraq; India P.8-10; A Fresh Look at Revelation (Part 2) P.11-15; The Importance of ‘ExegesisP.16 Your comments & Questions P.17-20…..

NL2019-0708 Printable
Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,4; Religious Freedom – The Purge To Come? P.5; Chinese Police Beat 60 Christians, Close Church, Bury Bibles P.6; A Fresh Look at Revelation (Part 1 – Chapters 1-4) P.7-15; Church ‘Signs’ P.16; Your Comments and Questions P.17-20…..

NL2019-0506 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Revival, What Revival? P.4; The ‘Shocking’ U.S. Vote P.5; The Fashions of the Megachurch and Hillsong P.6,7; Swedish Church Creates LGBTQ View of the Bible P.7; The Myths We Believe P.8-11; The Martyrdom of John Hooper P.12,14; Your Comments & Questions; The Holy Spirit and the Gospel P.15-18; Book Specials 50% off! P.19; Ministry trips P.20…….


NL2019-0304 :-
NL2019-0304 Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Anne Graham’s ‘Revelation’ P.4; Beth Moore’s ‘Revelation’ P.5; The Pentecostal Dilemma P.6,7;  How Do You Read/Study the Bible? P.8-13; Questions For Theistic Evolutionists P.14,15; Your Comments and Questions P.16-17; Quotables P.18,20…….


NL2019-0102 :-
NL2019-0102-Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Persecution and Martyrdom at an all time high; Shocking Survey Results P.4; Gene-edited Babies Born In China – Rewriting Blueprint Of Life; The Testimony of Today’s Christian Singers P.5; Missionary Killed on North Sentinel Island P.6,7; Healing and Down Syndrome P.8-12; The Martyrdom of Wishart P.13,14; Your Comments and Questions P.15-20…..

NL2018-1112 :-
NL2018-1112 Printable :-

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3;  Today’s Martyrs P.4; Lesbians Sue Christian Senior Center; Quotes on Abortion P.5; Michael W. Smith P.6,7; ‘Counseling’ – Psychology, ‘Christian’ or Biblical? P.8-13; Comments & Questions P.14-17; Comments & Questions; Quotables; Prayer & Praise Points P.17-20…..

NL2018-0910 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Rome and LGBTQ P.4; UFOs: The Supernatural Deception? P.5; – Archaeology, The Bible and Camels; The Falling Away P.6,7; Movies and Images; Keep Looking Up P.8; The Perseverance of the Saints P.9-13; Comments and Questions P.14-20………

NL2018-0708 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Free Speech?; Benny Hinn Exposed Again; The Pope’s gospel; John Knox and the Marian Image P.4-5; Bible Translation Myths P.6-8; Resource list P.9-12; Comments and Questions P.13-20………

NL2018-0506 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Australia’s First Transgender Priest; No Scientific Evidence People Are Born Gay or Transgender; Another Baptist Minister Supports Gay Movement; Hamas Says U.S. Embassy in Israel Means War P.4,5; Christian Faith Makes People ‘Immune From Flu’? Calls For Law to Protect Rome’s Confessional P.6,7; Billy Graham – The Facts P.8-14; ‘New Translations’ by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones; The Ecumenical Lie P.15,16; Spurgeon and Millennialism P.17,18; Comments and Questions P.19,20……

NL2018-0304 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2-4; Why Has ‘Lent’ Become So Cool With Evangelicals?; Quotable P.5; Pope Says Devotion to Mary is a ‘Requirement’ P.6; How Do We hear From God? P.7-12; William Tyndale P.13-15; ‘Contradictions’ or God’s ‘Quickening’? P.16,17; Comments & Questions P.18-20……..

NL2018-0102 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, Scientists Now Say… P.4; The Progression of Liberal Theology; The ‘Slippery Slope’ Is Real P.5; Roman Catholics/Lutherans Explore Common Beliefs, Differences P.6; Persecution Now Epidemic; Where Do Your Charitable Dollars Go At Christmas? P.7,8; What Is Biblical ‘Worship’? P.9-14; ‘Apostasia’ the ‘Rapture’? P.15,16; Comments & Questions P.17-20…