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Topics: Assurance of Salvation! Ps.2,3; Which Gospel? Ps.4,5; Your Comments and Questions….


Topics: Great Deceptions of the Church Age P.2; What is ‘Worldliness’? Ps.3>6; The ‘Inspiration’ of Scripture P.7; God’s Answer To Pragmatism -Quotable!….


Topics: Only God Can Make a Mouse; Evolution and Logic P.2; Modesty – Quotables P.3; The Profile of Church ‘Dragons’ P.4; ‘On the Subject of Women in Ministry’ Ps.5>8; ‘Love’; Hillsong To Move To Brisbane?……


Topics: Credited (Imputed) Righteousness P.2; A Challenge To ‘Love’ P.3,4; Your Comments and Questions; Bible College P.8


Topics: Polemics and Contending For the Faith P.2; Book Review: ‘Church’s In Trouble’ By Paul E. Brown P.3; Quotables P.4; God’s ‘Love’ P.5…..


Topics: The Incomparable Christ; How Precious Is Your Bible? P.2; Christian Modesty P.3>5; Angels; The Vatican and Galileo;Quotable P.6; Your Comments and Questions; Ruth & Boaz; An ‘Antinomy’; Quotable



Topics: Book Review – ‘Disciplines of a Godly Man’ – R. Kent Hughes P.2; Guglielmucci, Hillsong and a Cancer Hoax; Swindle of the Century?;  Cliff Richard and Same Sex Relationships P.3; Todd Bentley – Postmortem/Editor’s Plea! P.4>6……


Topics: Myth Busters; Quotable!; Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats? P.2; Water Baptism – Meaning, Mode and History P.3>7……


Topics: Is Roman Catholicism Biblical? P.2; Brrrr! Must Be Global Warming!;  Professors or Possessors? ;  ‘Another Gospel’ P.3; The Fruit of Apostasy? ;  Revival, What Revival? ; Australia’s First Female Anglican Bishop; Anglican Minister Speaks Out. P.4; Saturday or Sunday? P5,6…


Topics: Visions, Dreams…and Near-Death P.2; Book Review – ‘The Truth War’;Rome’s ‘Olympics’? P.3; Benny Hinn;  Anglicans and Roman Catholics – Covenant; Church ‘Millionaires Success Conference’; Global Warming? P.4; Some thoughts on ‘Hermeneutics’ P.5,6; Judaistic Legalism – Beware P.7…..


Topics: Acts 9:7/Acts 22:9 – a Contradiction? P.2; Legalism – The Scourge of Christianity P.3>8; Televangelists Obstructing Finance Probe?; Church Hands Out Shot Glasses at Bars; Menonnites Dialogue with Rome?;  Al Gore – Another Global Warming Hoax P.9; Another Gospel? P.10….


Topics: Unprofitable Prophets P.2; Science Disproves The Bible? – No Way! P.3; Pat Robertson’s Prophecies; Revival,What Revival?: USA; Benny Hinn’s Eisegesis; Revival, What Revival?:  England P.4; Today’s ‘Tongues’ and Linguistics P.5,6; Your Comments and Questions; Presbyterians and Adventists?…

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.