Below is a list of sermons, on some major topics by Terry Arnold.

This is a series of messages on the aspects of the Gospel.

No. 1 What is / Is Not the Gospel :

This deals with what the core of the Gospel is and misconceptions concerning things that confused with or added to the true Gospel.
is the Gospel God’s work for us or in us?
Is the Gospel about Justification or Sanctification?
Is the Gospel about Christ or the Holy Spirit?
What must be ‘done’ to receive the Gospel?

No. 2 Which Gospel? :

The understanding of the Gospel – what is of God and what of man?
The ‘foolishness’ and the ‘offense’ of the Gospel

No. 3 Substitution – the Heart of the Gospel :

Substitution/Imputation is at the very heart of the Gospel! – examples of substitution through the Bible.
Romans 4:5 – Substitution and Imputation is at the very heart of the Gospel!

No. 4 Another Gospel :

2Corinthians 11:4; Galatians 1:6-9
The ‘healing’ gospel. The ‘Prosperity’ gospel. The ‘purpose/success’ gospel.

No. 5 The Greatest Deception – True and False Believers :

Matthew 7:17-23
The Parable of the Sower and false conversions. The fruit of a true conversion

Topical Series

‘Total Depravity’ – How ‘Free’ is Unsaved Man? :

What is ‘Total Depravity’? How does this affect salvation and the Gospel? How ‘free’ is unsaved man ‘dead in sins’?

Disasters, Pestilences – What is God Saying? :

The Indonesian tsunami (2004/2005); Floods; bushfires…The Corona Pandemic (2020)
What are the causes? God, Satan…? What is God Saying?

‘Gifts of Healing’ – The Truth :

What was the purpose of the gifts of healing? Five tests for the gifts of healings. Is healing in the atonement?
The Corona Pandemic and the faith healers. Which gospel?


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