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NL2017-1112 Printable

Topics:- Guest Editorial P.2,3; The ‘Days of Noah’? P.4;  Islamophiles Prove Point P.5; Rome’s Doublespeak P.6; Commandments for Would-Be Megapastors P.7,8 10; Social Media and Face-book – a Pastor’s Concerns P.9-13; Comments & Questions P.14-20…..

NL2017-0910 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Pope Shows True Colours Again; Liberal Bible Translators P.4,5; The New Tolerance of ‘Dialogue’ P.6-11; The Martyrdom of John Huss P.12,13; Comments & Questions P.14-20….

NL2017-0708 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2-4; Bible Inspiration?; What’s the Real Terror? Islamic Extremism or Islamic Naivism? P.5; The New ‘Missional’ Gospel P.6; Eschatological Fallacies P.7,8; Lest We Forget – Ridley and Latimer P.9-12; Comments & Questions P.13-20………

NL2017-0506 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Law to Protect Rome’s Confessional; Benny Hinn’s Nephew Sees The Light; ‘I Believe’; London: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches P.4-6; Where Are the Men? P.7-9; The Martyrdom of Cranmer P.10-13; The Apostasy; Spurgeon on Popery P.14; ‘The Faith’ is Closed! P.15; What Does The Bible Say About Church Growth? P.16; Church Growth; Experience and Scripture; Pragmatism P.17; Comments & Questions P.18-20………

NL2017-0304 Printable

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Scientists Use Calculations to Prove the Existence of God P.4; God and the Trump Phenomena P.5; Islamic Evangelism – Australian Style P.6; The Illogic of Justification – a Testimony P.7-9; By His Stripes We Are ‘Healed’? P.10-12; An Impotent Saviour? P.13,14; The ‘Whosoever’ Truth P.15,16; Comments & Questions P.17-20…….

NL2017-0102 Printable

Topics:- Editors Comment P.2,3; New Bible – Just Add Your Revelations? P.4; Danny Nalliah – Another ‘Prophecy’; The Many Who Are ‘Changing Their Minds’ P.5-7; Pope Signs Joint Statement With Lutheran Church For ‘Full Unity’; The Fence Sitters P.8; Book/DVD/list P.9-12; Charismatic/Pentecostal Teaching – Scripture/Truth P.13,14; Why expository Preaching? P.15,16; Comments & Questions P.17-20……

NL2016-1112 Printable.

Topics:- Guest Editorial P.2,3; Pope Francis Says Islam No More Violent Than Catholicism? P.4,5; Those Who Never Heard the Gospel Are Saved? P.5,6; What Would Luther Think?; Same Sex Opposer a ‘Piece of Filth’? P.7; Mother Teresa – The Truth P.8-14; Hypocrisy Files P.15; Your Comments & Questions P.16-20……

NL2016-0910 Printable.

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; The Apostasy Express; Russia Bans Christian Evangelism P.4; Church Singers Compared to ISIS & Nazis?; The ‘Slippery Slope’ – Sex With Animals Legalised?; Persecution: ISIS Warns Christian Clergy – You’re Next P.5,6; Hades, Sheol, Lake of Fire, the Abyss and ‘Soul Sleep’… P.7-10; The Hypocrisy Files; Spurgeon’s ‘Smoking’ War P.13-16; Comments & Questions P.17-20 ………

NL2016-0708 Printable.

Topics:- Guest Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Pope Francis ‘Apostolic Exhortation’ on Homosexuality; Methodist Conference with Pope Francis P.4; Pope Francis on Islam ‘evangelism’; The Hypocrisy Files P.5,6; The Catholic Church Teaches/The Bible Teaches P.7,8; The illogic of Doctrine (and a Critique of Dave Hunt’s ‘logic’) P.9-14; Your Comments & Questions P.15-20 ……………

NL2016-0506 Printable.

Topics:- Editors Comment P.2,3; Former Hillsong Preacher Pat Mesiti Charged With Assault; Jesus a Trans-gender Woman Who Refers to God as ‘Mum’? P.4; Pope Francis Sends ‘Super Confessors’ To Forgive Sins P.5,6; Prophecy Fulfilled P.7-12; ‘Evangelical’ ‘Denominational’ – What Is It? P.13,14; The Hypocrisy Files P.15; Your Comments and Questions P.16-20 ……………………..

NL2016-0304 Printable.

Topics:- Move along no ‘religion’ to see here P.2,3; Pope Says ‘We Are All Children of God’; World Council of Churches Presents ‘Ten Commandments’ of Food P.4; The Apostasy Grows – Southern Baptist LGBT P.5; Prosperity Preachers Defend Using Private Jets to Avoid ‘Demons’? P.6; The Gospel Cheapened – A Review of ‘The Unopened Gift’ by Our Daily Bread P.7-11; Which ‘God’ Do You Have? P.12-15; Your Comments and Questions P.16-20 ………………..

NL2016-0102 Printable.

Topics:- Editor’s Comment P.2,3; Azusa Street – What Really Happened? P.4-13; Comments & Questions P.14-20; Praise/Prayer Points P.20 ……………………………

Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.

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