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Topics: The Alpha Course P.2; Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats? By C.H.Spurgeon, The Hypocrisy of Ecumenism P.3; The ‘Aussie Bible’ [The following extracted from various newspapers];Kenneth Hagin Snr. Dies P.4; The World Church Age Ps.5 & 6;Your Comments and Questions? Dear television pastor, I have got some concerns about healing; and am also struggling with ‘being saved’!………


Topics: Uniting Church Votes To Allow Gay Ministers; John McArthur Warning; Palestinian Bomb Explodes Early: No Virgins Await;Quotable P.2 The Miraculous Gifts In History -The Facts P.3-6 Your Comments and Questions P.7; Your Comments and Questions P.8.


Topics: ‘Healing’ Investigation P.2; Book Review ‘Stand For Truth’ by Peter Masters; Book Review ‘The Unresolved Controversy: Unity With non-Evangelicals’ by Iain Murray; Quotables P.3; Pat Robertson – Cancer Surgery; Pope – Grace, Works & Deity?; Pope’s Ruling Bars Blair From Communion; Behind Harry Potter; Mormon Scholar – Genetics Disprove Mormon Claim P.4; The Forerunners of Pentecostalism P.5,6;


Topics: The neo-Evangelical Movement P.2; Book Review: ‘Fields White Unto Harvest’ by James Goff Jr. P.3; US Ecumenical Alliance; ‘Sky-high Cost For Pilgrim Preacher’; Cindy Jacobs; ‘Vatican Succumbs To Harry Potter’s Spell’ P.4; ‘Legalism’ and ‘Methods of Ministry’ Ps.5&6; When You Have Tribulations, Remember This…; What Of The Whale? P.7; ‘Praise the Lord and Pass the Chequebook’ Ps.9&10; Ecumenical Plea To All.P.10….


Topics: A Current Deception P.2; Book Review – ‘Fields White Unto Harvest’ by James Goff P.3; Pope Says All Baptised To Seek Unity;‘Worship Warrior’ Seminars; Uproar Over Calling Homosexuality sin P.4; ‘Legalism’ & ‘Methods of Ministry’ Ps.5&6……


Topics: Bring the Books!- The Slumbering Giant… P.2; Mistranslation; Falling (Slaying) in the spirit P.3; Bonnke/Hinn Raising The Dead?; Less ‘Christians’; ‘The Trouble With The UN’; ‘Holy Father’ Recommends the Rosary; Death to Christian Leaders Who Criticise Islam; ‘Decisions’ P.4; Book Review: ‘What Love Is This? Calvinism’s Misrepresentation of God’ by Dave Hunt Ps.5&6;….



Topics: Are You Led or Are You Driven?; JW Publication Against Trinity P.2; Bookstores Promote false Teachers/Prophets; J.I. Packer; Sad History of Ecumenism; Slaying in the spirit Fiasco;Who Chose Who? P.3; ‘I Am’ P.4; Evangelicalism, Sola Scriptura & Prophecy Ps.5&6……


Topics: Seventh Day Adventist challenge..Answered P.2; Bring the Books!; Weathervanes & Roosters P.3; Cindy Jacobs Conference; Hindus Meet Pope; Evolution/Creation; Roman Catholic Teaching – A Reminder P.4; The Great Deception Ps.5>7; Book Review – ‘Evangelicism Divided’ P.8; Kenneth Copeland; Proper Presentation; Islam; ‘Money Changers’? P.9…


Topics: Joyce Meyer P.2; Bring the Books!; A Gospel of Words P.3; To all Elders/Pastors; Lawyers/Catholic Church Suits; Alpha Fruit – UK; What Really Happened At Jenin? P.4; Neil Anderson; Demonisation & Sola Scriptura Ps.5&6; Our Blessed Hope;Are They Really Christians? P.7; Near Death/Out of Body Experiences; Quotable To All Preachers P.8; Tolkien/C.S. Lewis & The Lord of the Rings; Treasure For Trash; Tolerance & Truth P.9….


Topics: Separation and ‘Landmarkism’ P.2; Exposing Error – Is It Worthwhile? by Ironside; Galileo & the Church P.3; WYAM & Benny Hinn; Holiness; Answers in Genesis; Did You Know? P.4; A Twentieth Century Delusion! P5; Benny Hinn – Lest We Forget P.6; How Protestant Are You?.. Justification a Truth Under Siege? Ps.7&8; Canadian Church Utilizes Money Machine; ‘Bibles For Betrayal’?; Ecumenism; ‘Sex Misconduct’: Evangelist Sacked Ps.7&8; Acts 2:38 & Baptismal Remission; ‘Transformations’ Deception P.10….


Topics: Reinhard Bonnke P.2; Revised edition ‘Charismatic Distinctives’; It Hurts; True Sanctification; Signs of Abusive Churches; Shooting the Wounded/Shooting the Messenger P.3; Ecumenism; Share The Holy Spirit Conference; President Bush & Islam; Arafat – Doublespeak?; Pope and Apocryphal Book P.4; The Welsh Revival (1859) P.5,6; Myths of the Middle East P.7,8; Billy Graham – Refers Converts to False Religions; The Pope, Don Bosco & Magicians; Roberts Liardon P.9…..


Topics: Philip Yancey- Book Review P.2; YHWH, Y’shua, HaMashiach or Jesus…?; William Tyndale; Remission of Sins; Hybels Has Muslim Speaker; Faith P.3; Former Anglicans Speak; Pope John Paul II’s Message; Paul Crouch – High Finances?; Australian AOG – Immorality; Clark Taylor Back; Benny Hinn Documentary; Second Major Exodus From Potters House P.4; The ‘Mystery’ and Ultra Dispensationalism P.5,6; David Wilkerson & Prophetic Warnings P.7,8; Graham’s Fresno Crusade; John Avanzini; Kenneth Hagin’s Visit to Hell…Speaks with Jesus P.9……….
Please click each newsletter link to view previous newsletters. Your computer will require a ‘pdf’ reader to do so. Right click ’save as’, to download each newsletter for later viewing.