The word ‘Hermeneutics’ refers to the science and art of the principles of interpretation. Interpretation is simply ‘rightly dividing the word of God ’, (2Tim.2:15). To do this accurately involves ‘study’ and being a ‘workman’, (2Tim.2:15).

How To “Study” the Bible

An Imperative To Any Bible Study System.

How Do You Think – Revised

What is objective Biblical thinking? How should we think between experience and Scripture; What about the Love of God/Wrath of God, etc?

The Battle for the Bible Has God Preserved His Word?
The Battle for the Bible Has God Preserved His Word? Printable Booklet

At the root of the falling away (apostasy) of the church is how church leaders and Christians see the Bible. The once high views of inspiration, inerrancy and preservation which were held down the running centuries are today under attack. With the rise of ‘textual criticism’ some now say that the Scriptures only ‘contain’ the word of God.

Myth Busters

Various dictionaries define ‘eisegesis’ as a personal interpretation of a Bible text using ones own ideas or bias. The following are the most commonly misused Scriptures in modern times. The two questions that solve most of the errors in the interpretation of these Scriptures are: What is the larger context? and Who is the passage speaking to?

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